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The wanted

30 Seconds to Mars (DONE), Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots, Sleeping With Sirens(DONE), and Black Veil Brides.


Watch the ball drop in Times Square. (Can't say I want to be in that crowd in Times Square, but I'd love to be somewhere close enough to watch in person.

Verona | @giftryapp

Before I die bucket list bucket-list Write a letter on Juliet's wall in Verona, Italy

I've always wanted to do this

Bucket list: visit a chocolate factory to see how my favorite sweet treats are made!<<I went to the Hershey Chocolate Factory :)

Egypt  maybe extended trip from Israel to Egypt. Cannot wait to see the Egyptian church.

Cairo Egypt Touring Egypt with Egyptomania your "go to" source for the Pyramids of Giza, Sinai, Ancient Egypt, Valley of the Kings, the Great Sphinx

Kiss a random handsome stranger on New Years Eve

Kiss Someone At Midnight On New Years. Our first midnight new years kiss in As a derhay

Travel Bucket List - Someone wanna go with? I love water but for some reason the idea of this scares me to death.. but the white shark thing doesn't

I want to go scuba diving in the Caribbean by (next five years). I love the ocean and I think scuba diving would be so beautiful and a fun experience.

before i die.   hahaa! @Kaileigh Rector  @Katie Adams Layne   wanna come?

put a peice of gum on the gum wall in seattle. Gross but fun at the same time! only because my best freind & i used to have a gum locker in high school which we had everyone add to in between classes.

CHECK! (Chicago and Phantom of the Opera)

I've seen show that were on Broadway in different cities; Lion King in Chicago and Wicked in Des Moines but now I can finally say I've seen a show on Broadway. I saw Aladdin on Broaddway in New York on June 2016