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23 fascinating facts about yoga

Setting out Stall for Stress-Free Yoga is No Laughing Matter - The benefits of yoga are well-known such as increased strength and flexibility, better posture, greater resilience to anxiety and depression, and even improved mental agility.

5 branches yoga

Yoga-graphic : The Five Branches of Yoga [Infographic]

Whether you are a beginner or an expert there are some good poses in here for everyone. #yoga #fitness

7 Daily Habits That Will Help Kick Your Workouts up a Notch & Fitness & Exercises


Ever heard of twin heart meditation? If not, then it is one of the best forms of meditation you can ever perform.

How to Do the Yoga Pigeon Pose | Pigeon Pose is a pose that energizes

Do the Yoga Pigeon Pose

How to Do the Yoga Pigeon Pose. Your hips are a complex cluster of powerful muscles, tendons, and ligaments that are essential to your ability to move. Sitting in front of a computer all day prevents your hips from getting the movement and.

Spring into Shape: Hot Yoga! - Twenty-six postures, two breathing exercises, all done in a heated room with high humidity. It is practiced in a room heated to 105 degrees with humidity of 40%. The 90-minute session is specific, with the same techniques and postures done each time.

Twenty-six postures, two breathing exercises, all done in a heated room with high humidity.

Stress-Stopping Techniques

Stress-Stopping Techniques

In the yogic tradition, breath is the foundation of all life, the sustaining connection between body and spirit. A telling indicator of health and mood, breath puts us in closer touch with ourselves on every level.

Practicing Yoga Breathing in Daily Life #practicingyoga #yogabreathing #dailylife

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physical & mental health comes with exercising daily or doing yoga

Learn some relaxing yoga breathing techniques (known as pranayama) to bring awareness and stillness to mind and body.