David Bowie par Claude Gassiant

L’exposition David Bowie à la A. Galerie

Cinéma : ces personnages féminins forts qui nous ont tapé dans l'oeil

labyrinthnook: “Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie in the Labyrinth ballroom scene, as requested by If you have any requests for photosets, drop me a PM!

Agé de 69 ans, David Bowie, cet artiste chanteur aux milles visages, est mort dimanche 10 janvier 2016 ! Qu'il repose en paix !

David Bowie est mort

The Full Moon Dance Inspirational quote - Talking about art is like dancing about architecture - David Bowie.

Bowie in the Sixties in a military-style jacket he'd made

DAVID BOWIE: I went to buy some shoes - and I came back with Life On Mars

An article written by David Bowie about his 12 favourite songs of his own…