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Ushba Mountain, Svaneti, Georgia

Abandoned building in Tblisi, Georgia. Hope someone has salvaged them and the panels over the door.

In the country of Georgia, the Uplistsikhe complex is what remains of passing kingdoms and Mongol raids in a region near the city of Gori. The cluster of caves and structures, that suffered damage from a 6.2 earthquake in 1920, include intact tunnels, wine cellars, fortifications, and temples. Uplistsikhe excavations uncovered ancient jewelry and sculptures, many of which are housed in the National Museum in nearby Georgian capital Tbilisi. See more galleries: Most Popular Landmarks…

Manavi, Kakheti-Region, Georgia

Belltower Window Mtskheta-Mtianeti, Georgia by David

Khevsur Tunic, from Khevsureti, in North Georgia -Khevsureti is an historical-ethnographic region in eastern Georgia. The Khevsur are the branch of Kartvelian (Georgian) people located along both the northern and southern slopes of the Caucasus mountains.

Icon Photo, Mestia Museum, Svaneti, Georgia by David, via Flickr

David Gareja Georgian Orthodox Monastery, Eastern Georgia by Ivane Goliadze, via Flickr