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kamerplanten die weinig licht nodig hebben

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cosmicstone: singsweetly: (via Small Cup Planter III) geometry

Los Angeles–based artist Jedediah Corwyn Voltz is a prop-maker for TV and film by day who has a charming side business making tiny treehouses for potte ...

An L.A. Artist Makes Tiny, Intricate Treehouses for Houseplants

LA-based artist Jedediah Corwyn Voltz constructs miniature treehouses wrapped around common houseplants or bonsai trees in his new sculptural series titled Somewhere Small.

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Whatever garden tool you'd like to buy, look out for ergonomically designed tools.

Pink wall in a desert garden - Wild garden with cactus

What Do You Daydream About?

The Bird House of Birdie.: Oasis* - coloured wall, rows of colour.