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from Bloglovin’

motleycraft-o-rama: By Yumiko Higuchi (This Insignificant Life)

Beautiful hand embroidery by Yumiko Higuchi

Taupe Feather Textures - natural surface pattern & texture inspiration for bird inspired design

Love this! I want to try this on the front of my scoop neck. Grosgrain: DIY Applique Bird Back

She was a woman of few words, a woman who wore silence like a velvet gown. How loudly her quiet soul reverberated in a room full of noise. How powerfully her stillness rippled. The world grew larger, clearer, deeper while she looked on in silence.

from Etsy

Geometric Scarf, Angel Wings Scarf, White Scarf, Bridal Scarf, Beach Wedding Gift, Bridesmaid Scarf, Boho Bridesmaid Gift, Festival Wrap

White Cotton Women scarf Hand painted Wings and by Shovava on Etsy

from nenuno creative

Absolutely Stunning Dark & Gothic Photo Manipulations #2

✯ Sumerian Goddess: Lilith the goddess of female sexuality she is also the…

Libitina is the Roman Goddess of Death, Corpses, and Funerals. Her temples were equipped with all the tools needed for funerals, and undertakers in Rome were called libitinarii. She was depicted as wearing dark robes and having wings, looking rather like a bird of prey. Her temples also maintained records of the dead.