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Coleus 'Trailing Plum Brocade' (medium 12"-18"; trailing) Unique purple trailer with a luminescent band of plum color at the leaf edge. Extremely popular choice for pots and hanging baskets. Also known as 'Swinging Linda', 'Meandering Linda' or 'Trailing Plum'.

Sundance Mexican Orange Blossom (Choisya ternata 'Sundance’) is an evergreen shrub with bright chartreuse foliage that provides year-round color and contrast. Fragrant orange blossom-like blooms in spring are a delightful bonus. Moderate growing, 5-6'H x W.

Blood Leaf Plant (Iresine herbstii) | There are many cultivars of this mounding or trailing plant, which tends to have waxy purple, red and yellow variegated leaves. Provides interesting color to the indoor garden. Cultivation Requirements: Full to filtered sun. Rich, well-draining soil. Water when soil surface dries; reduce frequency in winter. Fertilize every 3 months.

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