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Arbor 31" GB Sizzler Bamboo Longboard Complete

Shop over 350 longboards and more than 3000 longboarding products. We have been shipping better boards since Historic Old Mill Warehouse in Bend, Oregon.

One side of the deck we can do flowers colored with no background and black background on other side

In my free time when i'm not watching Netflix or working I go skating with some of my friends.

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BTFL Bella - Komplettboard - Longboard, Drop-Through mit Kicks, Freestyle, 99 cm - Made for Girls

Pintail Longboard Beach from Punked 40" - Complete, $105.00 (http://longboardsusa.com/longboards/longboards-for-beginners/pintail-longboard-beach-from-punked-40-complete/)

Beach Pintail Longboard from Punked 40" - Complete

The Beach Pintail is an attractive priced longboard from Punked Longboards. Quality wave pintail longboard for cruising and campus.