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the problem with this logic is that the entire reason spock joined starfleet in this timeline is because he already had an attitude. that's also the reason why this spock simultaneously clashed and got along with jim when they first met.

I could just picture a tos episode where they have to do this for some godforsaken reason. Their facial expressions are perfect-- Bones is regretting his entire life, Kirk is just rolling with it, and Spock, of course, feels nothing.

Open RP - The book stood in front of his eyes. He wasn't sure whether to buy it or not. He checked his phone one more time, making sure that was the book Agnes had told him to buy. "Are you gonna buy it or what?" said the shop assistand with a really stupid look. "Eeehh yeah, yeah" answered Jamison. The shop assistant gave him a repellent book before asking him for €20. "Grazie" said Jamison, then he left the shop.

I busted up when I saw this, heh. Spock knew he was in for it when these two started working together.

"Where do I belong?" Purson asked quietly, almost like he was afraid of the answer. "You belong right here with me," Rome told him.

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