Baked chicken breast, spinach & red pepper brown rice and quinoa

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Goji berries are a superfood with a super taste that marries perfectly with the cacao in this recipe from Cook Happy, Cook Healthy. Gojis are naturally sweet and full of vitamin C, which will rally your immune system when you feel run-down. These bars are easy to make and handy to store at home for an energy-packed snack. They’re a great sweet treat for kids too, with no refined sugar, for a stable release of energy. Makes 8-10 bars.

Lorraine Pascale shows busy home cooks how to create a no-fuss spaghetti carbonara, making the perfect mid-week meal for the dinner table

Ever tried making your own crumpets? They’re easier than you may think, try the Waitrose recipe and enjoy with melted butter for a scrumptious breakfast.

Take a look at 4 of our own takes on Jaffa cake recipes for a tangy treat. Why not cook some for yourself in preparation for the Great British Bake Off.

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