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Baked chicken breast, spinach & red pepper brown rice and quinoa

Chicken, veggie and potato stew. Crock pot luvah!

Zucchini, red pepper, broccoli, carrot and onion stir fry!

Baked tilapia and teriyaki/ red pepper stir fry.

Lemon pepper lentils (first try)

Shrimp stir fry! Eating healthy is funnnnnnn!!!

My first attempt at Sweet potato fries! Yummy❤️ 2 potatoes 1 tbsp oil 1 egg white Garlic powder (to taste) Sea salt (to taste) Ground pepper (to taste) Directions: -Coat thinly cut potatoes with egg white, oil and seasoning mixture -set over to 410 degrees -Bake on both sides for 15 min -I recommend foil to cover baking pan, I didn't have any this time time so I made them without foil -DONT LET POTATOES TOUCH WHILE IN OVEN!

Brussels Sprouts for the win! Meal prepping

Omelet muffins. Meal prepping