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There are basic steps on how to get rid of cramps at home and the most basic and preventative methods are given below. Out of all the number of at-home

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Can You Make It Through This Post Without Smiling?

Can You Make It Through This Post Without Smiling? - BuzzFeed Mobile

Hans Andersen’s fairy tales (1913) Illustrations by William Heath Robinson There was a little bird that beat its wings

ghoulnextdoor: The Sensitive Plant illustrated by Charles Robinson, by Percy Bysshe Shelley …That garden sweet, that lady fair, And all sweet shapes and odours there,In truth have never passed away:‘Tis we, ‘tis ours, are changed; not they. For love, and beauty, and delight,There is no death nor change: their might  Exceeds our organs, which endureNo light, being themselves obscure.The Sensitive Plant, Percy Bysshe Shelley (via)

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Stepups for 30 Minutes Straight? Here's Why It's the Most Genius Workout Ever

The 30-Minute Stepup Workout | Men's Health

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My Everyday Makeup Bag

There’s something I really love about putting together an every day makeup bag. That compact, little bundle of essentials that just get the job done but don’t take up any space in your bag if you were lugging them about. Since going to Iceland (see posts here, here and here) I’ve adopted the little clear bag I took in my hand luggage as my every day makeup and it’s actually forced me to trim everything… Continue Reading


3 Types of Country Homes We Can't Resist

3 Types of Country Homes We Can’t Resist


How To Do Sexy With Any Look

Bralets: A go-to for evening chic

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Mortgages: How to get the best deal

An expert explains why saving up for longer can make a big difference to the amount lenders charge for a mortgage.