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If anybody can create a better board cover post it on all of the fandoms board and I'll pick the best one. It must say all of the fandoms on it! :)

My dad literally just asked a question about what our favourite fandom is on FB and there's like 4 that I am a part of so now I'm not happy I have to choose one xxx

CHALLENGE EFFING ACCEPTED!! this will be my pick up line.... Then apologise immensely afterwards hahaha....see if he can handle being Loki'd hahaa

Rose, Alice, Roxanne, and Charlie were all roommates and great friends. Their frequently held gossip sessions included Alice blushing over a certain Potter boy, Roxanne sharing juicy secrets, Charlie picking out favorite muggle movie to watch, and...

{Find out how Fury wakes up Bucky in the newest Ask The Derpvengers: this one goes out to all the heavy sleepers in the world… and all the nick furies that try to prank help them.}

Spread this like a wildfire!!!>>> I have an addition PERCY JACKSON ANY OTHER SHADE OF BLUE THAN TARDIS BLUE

5 Seconds of Summer Guitar Pick Black Leather Two Sided Necklace + Plectrum

this is amazing. it should be a tradition everywhere if more people would care enough to pick up a damn book and get off their phones for once...