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Spray that sh!t!

Top This: 10 Funny Nursing Memes And Quotes To Complete Your Day - NurseBuff

great video for nursing students needing to remember medication classifications #nurse

Great video for nursing students needing to remember medication classifications. Pinning this for later!

If only we could take a nurse’s wit and put it in a bottle, we’d have enough medicine to cure the whole world!

Saving Lives q Shift Bumper Bumper Sticker

"Saving Lives q Shift" This fun student nurse saying on a great item from StudioGumbo makes the perfect gift for that nurse or student nurse in your life!

funny pictures

This is my are you freaking serious move.I do this and count to 10 to keep from calling people out.

When your people are suffering, His Spirit moves through you to bring them health, peace, and hopefully both in those same moments.

To my beauuuiutiful love of my life Happy nurses week Hahaha krystle wetttteeeeerrrtreeerr RN BSN ccppprrnnnnn hahahaha lov and you baby

Oh, the little white round pill

As a pharmacy clerk I've gotten used to hearing this, along with the occasional chuckle on the other end!

....I have been to 10 specialists, had numerous tests and no one can diagnose me, what do you think it is?

Most of the time I don't mind too much:). I try to remember that sometimes I call my nurse friends and ask them questions I already know the answer to just because when it comes to your own kids or yourself you become instantly stupid.