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Let’s use your old jewellery to create new eco-luxury. *Recycle the gold and gemstones from family jewels, damaged or outdated pieces. *Give the old keepsake jewellery new life and meaning. *Collaborate with me to create a unique and personalized custom design just for you. *Designed to suit your budget. *Free consultation. It just makes sense. Reuse materials you already have, saves you money and it’s eco-friendly. Guilt free luxury that Mother Nature approves!

Do you have old jewellery sitting in a box? Reuse the gold and gemstones to create a new luxurious piece. Eco-ethical jewellery design

Eco-Ethical Modern Ancient Jewellery Design. Reuse your old gold and diamonds. Turn your old outdated jewellery into a wonder of eco-luxury!!

Upcycled Design: using clients gold and gemstones to create contemporary custom designs.

It's becoming more and more popular to have old gold jewellery remodelled and redesigned. Here at LuLu & Charles Jewellery we will take your old jewellery and melt it down, reusing the precious metal and any gemstones in a new handcrafted jewellery design. Keeping the sentimental value of the origi...

The haute couture tailoring techniques, along with inkjet prints on silk combine the industrial chemical cut steel to create a new type of jewellery between design and craftsmanship, unicity and seriality. There’s an attempt to return with an aura of mystery and magic in who wears this jewel. Reactions between jewelry and body, between jewelry and another, between jewelry and the space around him, “Reaction Poétique”