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Στην πρασινάδα κάθεσαι, και εγώ σου το χαιδεύω, το παχουλό χεράκι σου, που τόσο το λατρεύω.


Thanks, Teachers

Refer back to what I said about Disney in the "When a teacher assigns homework over the weekend" pin. And as for this pin, this applies to Precalculus and Chemistry, though I don't think my teacher is Satan. This is still funny and relatable

bahaha!! this made me laugh so I had to post it but have to say that food should NOT be related to any kind of feeing or emotion…and good food can make you feel happy because you are making right choices and you will be healthy and you will feel good. :)


Before and after Nutella…

True. However, who needs a knife when you have two index fingers. Dip them suckers right in there!!!!