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Murex alabaster

Murex alabaster

Cool spikey sea shell

vicdani is a species of marine gastropod, known for its red-brownish spiked shell. Its shell is wanted by collectors all over the world, though it is only found in the Indo-Pacific ocean around the Philippines.


My Declaration of Self-Esteem - Virginia Satir

Testudovolva orientis

Testudovolva orientis


Brian's observations on the water Male King's crown conch.

 Auger Stellatus Shell

auger stellatus shell - seashell by AAK_AAK on Shapeways. Learn more before you buy, or discover other cool products in Mathematical Art.

Horse conch

Florida's State Shell the Horse Conch. state bird is the Mockingbird, state flower is the Orange Blossom, tree is the Cabbage (Sabal) Palm, and of course, it's nickname is the Sunshine State.