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And I'm the only one screaming to everyone to open up!! It's like playing with the kindergarten kids...

or when your the only actual soccer player on a team aginst a team full of them. My pe teacher ALWAYS does this and im just like 1 vs You must hate me

zen shmen!: Inspirational Soccer Ball

Here's a look at a DIY gift I recently made my niece for her birthday. She is an excellent soccer player and very gifted ath.

Volleyball meme

One game the ref told us the line was painted crooked, how can you do that. Some refs I dont understand.That moment when you can't take it anymore

Showing off your insanely toned legs, but wondering where all your upper body strength went. | 25 Sweaty Memories Every Soccer Girl Will Never Forget

Showing off your insanely toned legs, but wondering where all your upper body strength went.

soccer players then compared to modern soccer players - Google Search

- But your soccer bag ALWAYS smelled horrendous. It didn’t matter how much Febreeze you sprayed on it, the stench never went away. 32 Things Only Soccer Players Would Understand.

The competitive season anyway

Always so sad you always make new friends and have a great bond! Once I was on a boy and girl soccer teams so I started liking one of the guys on my soccer team!

How to make a soccer ball⚽️

OH MY GOD i can't even tell you HOW many times kids have asked for help drawing a soccer ball. and this is 100 x's better than anything i've come up with! Hope this helps with drawing a soccer ball.

Soccer girl instincts!  She's done that.....but she didn't laugh

Soccer girl instinct but the second reaction is to run away mentally laughing

(: soccer

Walkin in to mcdonalds with your hair is a tight ponytail with a headband, ur team jacket/jersey with shin guards and cleats hidden under sweatpants

commit all the brutalities, without getting caught!!

This should definitely apply to soccer, not volleyball. I'd love to see volleyball players play soccer and "destroy people".

soccer girl problems Google Search #soccerlife #soccerexercises #soccerproblems

soccer girl problems Google Search #soccerlife #soccerexercises #soccerproblems