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Toilet paper thief!

Toilet paper thief!

Hobbit cat

Hobbit cat

When I finally meet my soul mate, he will make this for the cats and we will be happy in our catty nerd house.

Although my cat has big ears and paws and legit looks like a hobbit, so we named him Frodo; most of these are just weird

Our cats names are Danger, darkness, unicorn, muffin, blizzard an inferno

The four famous hobbits by DarkButterflyOfNight on DeviantArt

Hello every LOTR fan! As a LOTR fan you can see here the four famous hobbits of J. Tolkien`s beautiful trilogy The Lord Of The Rings and Peter Jacks. The four famous hobbits

~ The Lord of the Rings :: Merry and Pippin Food Chart.

Meal Schedule for hobbits. Want this in my kitchen! I eat just like this except for supper and dinner.we have supper and a sneaky after the kids are in bed snack!