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PMS Humor Click for all pics LOL LMAO Jokes about menstruation are not funny. Period.

That's why I always carry around a bag full of ibuprofen and tampons with pads because I know people need it, and I don't really care if the school finds out im carrying around that shit because blood sisters trumps everything else

This helps casually depict the crap women g through that men do not know about. When women deal with body shaming and the 'body image', they can't talk about things that are gross that happen to them... Like when you sneeze and you feel your period decide to flood for a second. ALL because of the 'image' woman have to display.

31 Period Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Then Cry

Yea right mom would kill me! Anyone else yes hahaha- 31 Period Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Then Cry

31 Period Humor Jokes That Are Way Too Real For Anyone Who’s Had A Period Periods. They suck. This is a funny comment Id say to my daughter when trying to explain what menstruation is. This is how I view it a lot, or a celebration it depends!