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Henry US Survival Rifle, AR-7: Leave it to Henry Rifles to take a design and improve upon it. The AR-7 was the civilian version of an Air Force survival rifle designed by Eugene Stoner, which Henry acquired the rights to circa 2007. As you can see from the picture, the rifle disassembles and fits into its own buttstock which is “water resistant” (Henry claims it will float and it may but don’t bet on it).

Stoner 63A weapon in Commando light machine gun configuration.

This is one of the guns for the movie Romeo & juliet, the modern set version. Probably the most ... ornate collection of custom guns in a movie I have ever seen..


Springfield M-1 .30 Carbines Series

Sniper School: Precision Long-Range Shooting Tips to Make You a Better Hunter | Outdoor Life

chainsaw light machine gun

Guns Mini-Tutorial: Techniques by PhiTuS on DeviantArt

Guns Mini-Tutorial: Techniques by PhiTuS on DeviantArt

sniper log book download