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Funktionelles Rückentraining!!!

Bodyweight Bodybuilder: The Mass-Building Calisthenic Workout

CHALLENGE of the week: Stability Ball Rack Chins by @msflorendo. Don’t be fooled - it’s much harder than it looks! This is a great exercise to build strength and tone your arms and back while working your core. Body weight exercises are a MUST in your workout regimen - they show you how really strong you are. ✳ HOW TO: (1) Grab a stability ball and get under a Smith Machine rack. (2) Grab the bar overhand (or underhand) and place 1 foot on the ball. When you have your balance, pl

5 Powerful Tips to help you get ripped much faster

5 Powerful Tips to help you get ripped much faster. These tips may sound simple but they are very aHowever, if you follow the light weight and hiffective if you follow them through. It will help you