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WTF J2-wincest 2016 - "До встречи в Вальхалле" (авт. Элеанор Ригби)

Gagagagagaha! Jensen looks at people like he is n love with them.

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Jared: "Hey, why'd you come after me with a hammer?" Jensen: "Because I was going to nail you."

Dean and Sam Winchester (Probably one of the most amazing pieces of fan art I've ever seen)

I scrolled past this then had to scroll back up and repin because it's just so funny

JIBcon7 - Jared was just talking about how hard last year was; Jensen showed "Always Keep Fighting" and hugged Jared. Jared said Jensen was his reason to Always Keep Fighting

These two kill me. XD Jensen's straight face though. "Don't worry guys. I'm used to it."

from Entertainment Weekly's

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