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Wauw  one of a kind

Bigfoot may be mythical but Bigpaw is real! This Maine Coon cat has the strangest, humanlike face with eyes that look as if they can see right through you.

Phoebe will love me for this

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Lemon isn’t sup­posed to be behind the blinds, but she can’t help her­self if she sees birds.

Peek a boo

Almost all animals engage themselves in peek a boo with their partners as a part of their entertainment procedures like humans. It looks very cute when we see these type of photos as most of the human beings are more or less animal lovers.

Why Do Cats Do That?! More Weird Cat Behaviors…Explained!

Why Do Cats Do That?! More Weird Cat Behaviors…Explained!

Have you ever noticed your cat sniffing something and then making a strange face, with his mouth slightly open, his nose wrinkled and his lip curled back? You may have thought it was a look of disgust or just intense concentration but there's actually a v

cutencats: “ Peludito…. @cutencats ”

orange tabby in snow Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion!

Baby says Hello.

Sand Cats are Beautiful - 4th March 2015