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Nautilus - Alice Didkovskaya-Petrosyuk I love found art or repurposed art and this is a whale of a find!

ILLY Lipson Robotics

We like robots at Recyclart, and we found these very nice Lipson Robotics that are created from random old objects. ++ Lipson Robotics at Etsy

Recycled Art Assemblage - "Salvaged Sanctuary" - Original Mixed Media by lynnette

Made with Vintage Recycled Parts. Mixed Media Assemblage for outdoors.

Fobot reindeer. Adorable.

Steam On ❀Steampunk — Creatively Christmas Steampunk Style Fobots are.

Z02K.info | internet is our sea - magnoliajones: by RemnantsbyRJ

Felix, Your New Coffee Clock Robot : RemnantsbyRJ - etsy --- pp: I think a robot project with my son is in order! A trip to the thrift store and an afternoon of craftiness!


ʂŧɘąɱ ~ Steampunk Toybox ~ A little automaton; perhaps created by using Al-Jazari's Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices.

Bucky from Fobots. Ok, @Derek Kinsman you can have your robots if I can have mine ;)

⌼ Artistic Assemblages ⌼ Mixed Media & Collage Art - Bucky from Fobots

'Dennis' - 18.5" tall found object robot sculpture made by Fobots (Amy Flynn)

'Dennis' - tall found object robot sculpture made by Fobots (Amy Flynn)

Camera, pressure gauge, clock gears, wrenches, erector set girders, pulleys, buttonhole templates

'Philippe' - found object robot sculpture made by Fobots (Amy Flynn)