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Title: A Lantern in Her Hand. Author: Bess Streeter Aldrich.

A Lantern in Her Hand (Puffin Classics): Bess Streeter Aldrich. A re-read, or possible book for a place I have lived.

The Land by Mildred D. Taylor

This book is really good and sad it really tells you about what it was like to be mixed back in the time when whites hated blacks its really a touching story!

"Bridge to Terabithia" by Katherine Patterson. Newberry Medal. Contemporary realistic fiction. Kids would have to use their imagination while reading this book. It is a wonderful book to have students read.

Bridge to Terabithia - Katherine Paterson This was my favorite book growing up!

Janette Oke.  My collection of fave authors is beginning to look like a Baptist church directory! LOL! But in all seriousness, she write amazing books!

Janette Oke (born 1935 in Champion, Alberta) is a Canadian author and pioneer of inspirational fiction. Her books are often set in a pioneer time period and centered on female protagonists. She is a committed Evangelical Christian.

My Lady Bibliophile: How Our #Family #Reads Together

My Lady Bibliophile: How Our Together -- Great post!

They Loved to Laugh, by Kathryn Worth I love this book and have read it more times than I can count.

They Loved to Laugh by Kathryn Worth, illustrated by Marguerite de Angeli

The Brethren - H. Rider Haggard. Yes, yes, yes! This book was amazing! Danger, action, excitement, suspense, treachery all tied up with a love story. A great book! I was not a thrilled with the main heroin/damsel in distress, but I very much liked the secondary leading lady Masada. (I think that's how her name was spelled, I don't remember.)

The Brethren: A Tale of the Crusades

The Brethren-A Tale of the Crusades by H. Rider Haggard - one of my favorite books! I've read it 3 times.