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The Legal Responsibilities of a Landlord. Our processes at Abode property management will take care of all these potential issues for you. Get in contact with us at

My info poster on crystal healing properties for stones that help break attachments, for severance at the end of a relationship ❤️

why can't i see past your static electricity touch and the way you own me? why do i still feel like i belong to you? property of:

Thank you to those nasty people who seem to think that vandalising someone's car & property is the right thing to do. You may think you are clever, however, I find you all low ! Maybe you should get a life and stop harassing others. Thank you, for you continued hate of support towards myself & Ed. With Love xxx

Paps. I hate them. I have no idea why what they do isn't considered stalking and assault. "Oooh look, random starlet isn't wearing underwear!!" well, why do we need to know that? What gives anybody a right to jump to the ground in front of a woman getting out of a car and shove a camera up her skirt??

Islam does not oppress women. It actually gave women more rights, including the right to choose your own husband. Many people confuse culture with religion.

The Hook : Page 1 | The Property of Hate, I'm going to start this comic it seems good :)