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Looks like Genius tried to back in through the doggie door | The Cone of Shame | Much funny. Very humor. Speed Bump on

Dog ate my... Cell Phone!? Speed Bump on

Don't you wish you could take turns? Please pick up after your dog. Speed Bump and more #humor on

it's okay because he wanted it // #dog #puppy #funny #pee // Speed Bump on

They call it a "master" bedroom, but the truth is, I run the place // Speed Bump on

Speed Bump - I hate when that happens.

In honor of all the people living through a #PolarVortex, we give you the Dog Days of Winter. Speed Bump on

"My Tail's Cold." It's responsible to dress your pet. Speed Bump on

Speed Bump - the drawing of this is hilarious!

Speed Bump. A home run by any standards. Hilarious!