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AnTeak, Spindle Mosaic as seen in Western Living by World Mosaic Tile | www.worldmosaictile.com

Walker Zanger has maintained a reputation for quality, attention to detail and commitment to excellence, offering clients an extensive selection of prized handcrafted stone and tile

AnTeak tiles, by Walker Zanger - Made from reclaimed Indonesian teak, a wood known as much for its rot resistance as its rich beauty, these tiles add patina and texture to a bathroom wall (just not in the shower stall). Trim the mesh-mounted pieces with a circular saw or a jigsaw, and be sure to use the recommended modified sanded grout.  From $20 per square foot; walkerzanger.com

The TOH Top 100: Best New Home Products 2012

Top 100 Products 2012 bath tiles from reclaimed Indonesian teak by Walker Zanger

Walker Zanger

Cordoba Mosaic in Atlantico Matte - possibly bathroom floor, but these are also suitable for pool liner! Also come in white.

The Instinct Karioca 12x32 Ceramic tile is perfect for backsplashes and walls.

The Instinct Karioca Ceramic tile is perfect for backsplashes and walls.

50's manhattan - 8"x8" special order - Cle Tile

CEMENT TILE - 50's manhattan 8"x8" special order

manhattan- a time of optimism, prosperity, innovation, and let's face it- a bit of fun! This cement tile pattern expresses a modern age on an age-old tile.