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A 10 year old Yemini girl after she was granted divorce from her abusive husband.

nationalgeographicdaily: “ Nujood Ali, Yemen Photograph by Stephanie Sinclair, National Geographic Nujood Ali was ten when she fled her abusive, much older husband and took a taxi to the courthouse in.

More people are concerned with why women are staying in abusive relationships than with why men are abusing women.

This is called Rape Culture. Don't ask why a woman stayed. Ask why someone is choosing to abuse.

Some old photos to make life a little bit better.

21 Of The Most Heartwarming Historic Photos Ever.i thought you might like this 00

We cry..hope...pray....but human do the first thing first to kill us....than help us.....

This picture makes my heart ache, I would love to be able to help the needy in a different country some day!

University janitor draws an impossible maze

University janitor draws an impossible maze

A really freaking crazy maze, created by a Japanese janitor 30 years ago.

I wanna hug her. And give her a good home in a world were equality is real and true.

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ryan1320: “ Coolest picture ive seen in a while ”

Veteran paratroopers sit in the restored Dakota plane they flew in the Battle of Britain

Little Girl Shuts Down the Idea That Superheroes are Just for Boys with One Angry Glare

Little Girl Shuts Down The Idea That Superheroes Are Just For Boys With One Angry Glare

This Little Girl Just Schooled Tesco Over A Sexist Sign Because "Anybody Can Like Superheroes" Spiderman rules! I a girl I just pin under my dad's name. So I agree with this.