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circonvolutions - Recherche Google

circonvolutions - Recherche Google

Pumpkin Stem.  Can I please buy a microscope so I can just stare at fascinating teeny tiny things for days on end?

Pumpkin Stem - Photomicroscopy New Slides Photo from Dave Bullock / eecue, a programmer and photographer living in Downtown Los Angeles

Synapse - Neurons in the brain Credit: Dr Jonathan Clarke. Pyramidal neurons forming a network in the brain. These are nerve cells from the cerebral cortex that have one large apical dendrite and several basal dendrites. Colour-enhanced light microscopy 2003 Published:

Freewill and the Brain article includes concept of plasticity of the brain which is a key to Heart and Soul!

In 1936, two physicists at the Biological Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, New York, reported that red blood cells in the bodies of people and animals carry enough electricity to light up …

❄۞Φ Fractals Φ۞❄ ~ This fractal, Cells Alive, is a winner at “Benoît Mandelbrot Fractal Art Contest It will show in “International Congress of Mathematicians Hyderabad, India.

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Min Jeong Seo - To Live On, 2005    http://seo-minjeong.de/

Six Most Ruthless African Dictators in History

Min Jeong Seo: To Live On Existential questions concerning the offset of death and the continuation of life abound in this installation by Korean artist Min Jeong Seo. Composed of the dried stalks of.

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