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Review of the year 2011: bizarre creatures and funny animal pictures

Bicephalic or tricephalic animals are the only type of multi-headed creatures seen in the real world and form by the same process as conjoined twins: they all result from the failed separation of monozygotic twins. One extreme example of this is the condition of craniopagus parasiticus, whereby a fully developed body has a parasitic twin head joined at the skull.

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Leopard Tortoise

african turtles tortoises | Here are two cute baby leopard tortoises. These guys will get 15-18 ...

Conjoined twins turtles found in Žilina, Slovakia. African tortoise was given two names: the head of the left called Magda, while the right head called Lenka. Actually, Conjoined twins turtles comes from a single egg is not new in captivity. However, Magda and Lenka unique case because these shelled animals conjoined twins. A final note Conjoined twins turtles can be traced to 2003 in South Africa. Tortoise named Latin Geochelone sulcata can reach weights 100 kilograms and 85 centimeters…