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ok, this has gone too far to not be addressed by somebody... can someone pLEASE get sherlock a dog??! he loves them so much and honestly i think it would make him so much happier

Dog not gone: The extended version reveals that the Onion Knight is not fighting the men present over the body - they are preparing to defend it, with the help of the late Lord Commander's direwolf Ghost, whom fans will be relieved to see yet lives

This is how I would like to walk the dogs, or how I would have done it in days gone by! Pretty skirt teamed with a chunky knit and a pair of wellies - what's not to love!

I have no idea what has happened to me......I've gone from an "all white" purist to.....patchwork!?! so, love this chair

KONG toy, a must have toy for any dog! Great tips for fillers that once frozen will keep your dog busy while you're gone.

This Dog was Snatched Out of the Hands of the Grim Reaper---read more! Take a good look at this brittle body, stretched out on the dirt here in Romania. What would you say if we told you that this dog still has a heartbeat and that her story could just be the flash point that brings food to hundreds of others?

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