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Do you have a set of house rules? If not, they can be a valuable part of any home. Here are the 25 rules that our family of 9 follows and why your home would benefit from rules, too.

The 25 House Rules In Our Home & Why You Should Create Some

House rules because I pay the mortgage. It's called appreciate a roof over your head. 25 house rules in our home

Screen Time: Now that school will be out for the holidays, set some ground rules for balancing electronic media use.

I find this a good guideline but not without exceptions. find what seems right for your family and find out when it makes sense to enforce your rules and when extra screen time is needed because of special circumstances.

House Rules… » a hippie with a minivan

This is a good example of house rules in a positive frame vs. a negative frame (I. negative would be no hitting, no name calling, etc.

Good article on sibling fighting. Book suggestions and chart ideas. I like this one with rules at the top, clothespin for each kid that can be moved down to consequences.

Family Rules Consequences chart -- also some great book recommendations to stop sibling fighting