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Happy Meal!  LOL!   That's a happy meal to me!

Funny pictures about Irish Meal. Oh, and cool pics about Irish Meal. Also, Irish Meal photos.

Our family has actually used "Metric Shit Ton" as a unit of measurement!

Then I heard someone use the term, "metric fuck-ton", and "shit ton" instantly dropped to

love it. :)

That's What Friends Are For ~ Good girls are made of sugar and spice. but me and my girls are made of vodka and ice! haha love it!

Drama-Free Day

Funny Confession Ecard: I´m living in a drama-free bubble today. Respect the bubble, people, respect it!

Because I'm worth it..

Always a good idea: when life knocks me down, instead of getting right back up. I usually stay right there and take a quick nap.

Haha - some days.  :)

Yep, the way i feel these days and extroverted/ introvert, confusing but real! ♡♡♡I am an introvert.

Never more true..

Funny pictures about One Day They'll Find The Center Of The Universe. Oh, and cool pics about One Day They'll Find The Center Of The Universe. Also, One Day They'll Find The Center Of The Universe photos.

Snarkfest: Offense: Is it Taken or is it Given?

the world is a magical place full of people waiting to be offended by something. Sad but true.