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Today most of the dairies across India produce milk processed from Jersey and H.F cows. But these animals cannot be considered as cows, as these are original.

The Hallikar cattle are a Bos indicus breed of cattle selected primarily for draft purposes. It is considered one of the premier draft cattle breeds in India.

Pirenaica Cattle

The Pirenaica cattle are a breed of domestic cattle which is mainly used for meat production purposes. It is indigenous to the Pyreness of north-eastern Spain.

Illawarra Cattle

The Illawarra cattle are a dual-purpose breed of cattle from Australia which are raised for milk and meat production. The breed was started by Australian dairymen.

Lincoln Red Cattle

The Lincoln Red cattle is an old meat cattle breed originating from Lincolnshire in eastern England. The Lincoln Red breed was developed in the early

Barzona Cattle

The Barzona cattle are a domestic breed of beef cattle developed in the United States. It was developed in the and in the high desert, inter-mountain region of Arizona.

Kostroma Cattle

The Kostroma cattle are a Russian breed developed in the first half of the century. It was developed in the Kostroma Oblast of Russia's Upper Volga region.

Santa Gertrudis Cattle

The Santa Gertrudis cattle are the first beef breed of cattle formed in the United States. They are a tropical beef breed developed in southern Texas on the King Ranch.