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CAT: Η «τεχνική της ευθυγράμμισης» που εγγυάται τον οργασμό! (εικόνα) -

Το ένα τρίτο των γυναικών προσποιείται οργασμό -

Τα 6 κλειδιά που απογειώνουν το sex βάσει ερευνών (vid) -

«Σεξουαλική παρανόηση»: Γιατί οι άντρες νομίζουν ότι οι γυναίκες συνέχεια φλερτάρουν; -

How to stop separation and save marriage

Feeling distant in your relationship? You’re not alone. All relationships go through peaks and valleys, but what do you do in the tough times?

Wondering If Sex During Period Is Harmful?

According to health experts, having sex during period is perfectly safe for both partners. However, certain factors have to be considered. Read more.

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Brutal! VERY Honest Men Share Their Top 10 Gripes About Women

10 VERY Honest Men Share Their Top 10 Gripes About Women | Charles J. Orlando | YourTango

...the future of email is chock full of the things that dreams are made of: progressive profiling (being able to be more relevant and behaviorally targeted as data is accumulated about recipients over a period of time), cross-channel retargeting (leveraging behaviors observed in other digital channels to drive targeting, segmentation, and content within email), and location-based messaging (using geo-tracking functionality at the time of open to drive real-time, relevant content to…

The Average Sex Session Doesn't Last as Long as You Think