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I can't help but find this cute!! I'm so happy they end up together in the end!!!!!

Commission - SorryMom by Pia-sama on deviantART On a weird Scale 1 being Iruka, and 10 being Hidan naked sacrificing virgins in a bathtub Hinata is like only a 2 for being really shy.

I wanted to "uncensore" the second kiss between Naruto and Hinata in The Last: Naruto the Movie, so I drew this <3 _______________________________________________________________________________...

psyclopathe: “ this is not the end, it’s a new beginning ~Naruhinawedvent~ ”

Naruto and Hinata

[Naruto] Hinata x Naruto -I just watch the episode where they get married ( ˃﹏˂ഃ ) I was so happy I cried. Hinata looked beautiful.

Naruto x Hinata

Naruto x Hinata

They're missing Inuyasha and Kagome (Inuyasha), Kenshin and Kaoru (rurouni Kenshin), ulquiorra and orihime bleach), hitomi and van (escaflowne), Serena and darian (sailor moon), mikasa and eren (attack on Titan), and if studio ghibli films are included : Howl and Sofie, Ashitaka and San, and Chihiro and Haku

Couples Avatar, bleach, one piece, soul eater, . Glad to see a ton of my own ships.