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Follow him in Vine. THATS A MUST!

Pfft>> Brendon's abnormally sized forehead!! and Frank Iero's abnormally short body!!!!!<<i thought brendon was just wearing the top hat omg

"Put on your war paint" The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy Digging how it is "painted," almost looks like one of those crayon erase drawing.

before it gets better; the darkness gets bigger; the person that you'd take a bullet for is behind the trigger

Except they did actually like FOB, they just wanted to get noticed.

This is accurate, and probably happens. Also with FOB too, at least with some of their old songs

Omg YASSSS Panic! At The Disco AND Pokémon Go! Ugh I am dead X_X

So I'm at a sushi restaurant and they started playing "Nine In The Afternoon"…