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BasementArtsPro ‏@BasementArtsPro 34m34 minutes ago A trip down memory lane as I work on photo editing Queen - Sheer Heart Attack #BasmentFM

BasementArtsPro ‏@BasementArtsPro 13m13 minutes ago #BasementFM playing Neil Young cover 'Heart of Gold' by @TheHornTheHunt tinged with more than a hint of Twin Peaks soundtrack @DAVID_LYNCH

BasementArtsPro ‏@BasementArtsPro 8m8 minutes ago #BasementFM Ran Blake: Nica's Dream - gone all piano jazz here at the kitchen table #ChristmasEve tweetin!

BasementArtsPro ‏@BasementArtsPro 9m9 minutes ago Morning #BasementHQ as grey gives way to blue the rain moves on and Gram Parsons sings 'Heart's On Fire'

BasementArtsPro ‏@BasementArtsPro 1m1 minute ago #BasementFM a favourite from this year's #AmpandDeck w/ @Lloyd_Wilson_ - Had to go out and find it. Aphex Twin: Milkman

BasementArtsPro ‏@BasementArtsPro 6m6 minutes ago #BasementFM Ed OG and da Bulldogs: be a father to your child - one of my favourite early 90's re-discoveries amongst my collection this year

BasementArtsPro ‏@BasementArtsPro 10m10 minutes ago #BasementFM Titus Andronicus: Joset of Nazareth's Blues for a warm evening adhering vinyl to windows

BasementArtsPro ‏@BasementArtsPro 33m33 minutes ago #BasementHQ #composition 1 'A welcoming light' #art #life #Leeds

BasementArtsPro ‏@BasementArtsPro 6m6 minutes ago perception, deception, scale & things being not as they seem Fri 8th July 7.30pm new work by @samelao @madeinleeds

BasementArtsPro ‏@BasementArtsPro 9m9 minutes ago For a morning preparing vinyl lettering #BasementFM Boris: Dronevil - they don't half do beautiful covers do Boris