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The Ritz-Carlton San Juan, #PuertoRico

15 Puerto Rican Goods to Bring Home from San Juan

A trip to the famous Puerto Rico requires some exploration of the local items of craftsmanship. This shopping guide offers 15 ideas on the best goods to bring home from San Juan.

Roast Pork (Pernil) Puerto Rican Style

tasty roast pork, Puerto Rican style, Marine overnight. This is every Puerto Rican party dish. If there is no pernil in the party there is no party, especially the hard skin!! That is to die for. When I was a little girl and woke up to the smell of the pernil, I knew something special was happening that day.

When I Was Puerto Rican by Esmeralda Santiago~Esmeralda Santiago's story begins in rural Puerto Rico, where her childhood was full of both tenderness and domestic strife, tropical sounds and sights as well as poverty. Growing up, she learned the proper way to eat a guava, the sound of tree frogs in the mango groves at night ...

Going to do this with my kids. One for each country that's part of their nationality. Polish, German, Puerto Rican, American