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This suspension of disbelief.

This suspension of disbelief.

"The most unrealistic thing about Guardians of the Galaxy is that his headphones still worked after 26 years."Tap The Link And Save up to On Our Massive Sale!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Drax: “This vermin speaks of affairs he knows nothing about!” Drax: “He has no respect!” Drax: “That is also true!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vs. Suicide Squad. The Marvel films are just OWNING the DC franchise.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vs. Suicide Squad

watched the new Guardians of the Galaxy and it was sooo amazing!

galaxy-ravager: “ If someone who’s never seen the movies / read the comics asks you what Guardians of the Galaxy is, just show them these GIFs without any explanation ”

Rocket raccoon struggles with the burden of fatherhood

There was plenty of explosions as well

If the new Guardians is just Groot trying to push the button I would still watch it. >>> BABY GROOT IS SO CUTE