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"God has your best interest at heart. When a door closes, you don't know what God is saving you from" -Joel Osteen

Osteenification and What It Portends

Hank Hanegraaff: “Joel Osteen is the prime provocateur of a seductive brand of American Christianity that reduces God to a means to our ends. A message that beckons multitudes to the table of the Master, not for the love of the Master but for what is on the table. He is the de facto high priest of a new brand of Christianity perfectly suited for a feel-good generation.”

Stressful situations Just because we're in a stressful situation doesn't mean that we have to get stressed out. You may be in the storm. The key is, don't let the storm get in you. — Joel Osteen

@Joel Osteen Ministries #JoelOsteen Joel Osteen says It's Time to Believe Again