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Dolly the sheep clones reach healthy old age LONDON : Three weeks after scientists marked the birth anniversary of Dolly the sheep, a new study has.

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Sheeps and lambs: boycott wool! There ARE alternatives that do not require pain and torture. Whoever pinned this has clearly never raised sheep.

Wat een heerlijke snoetjes. Hiervan wordt een mens blij.....tufty

" Kokovoko Farm raises sheep for their wool and sells the wool to hand-spinning enthusiasts. How delightful to know that your scarf or sweater was made from wool of the animals that range happily over the hills of the Outer Bluegrass.

Poor little guy.  Good friends: This baby red deer has lost his own herd so has joined a flock of sheep instead, and appears to be settling in well

Oh deer! Red fawn who thinks he's a lamb joins a flock of 100 friendly sheep

Video: Young red deer finds a new home among flock of sheep at Dunwich Heath

Sweet Home

Hettinger boasts the largest, state-owned sheep research center in the country: The NDSU Hettinger Research Extension Center. Hettinger boasts the largest, state-owned sheep research center in the country: The NDSU…

Did you know that in #Iceland there are twice the amount of sheep as there are people? And that they can wander free & always have the right of way? They even look left & right before crossing (not!  )  Wist je dat er in #IJsland twee keer zoveel schapen zijn als mensen? En dat ze vrij kunnen rondlopen en altijd voorrang hebben? Ze kijken zelfs links en rechts als ze de straat oversteken (niet dus  )  #icelandicsheep #fridayfunfacts

Victoria is Australia's largest agriculture producer with more than agricultural businesses that employ more than people.

Dolly the sheep was the first mammal to be cloned from the DNA of an adult. Here she is with her first-born lamb, Bonnie.

Dolly the cloned sheep is born in July of 1995 and lived for seven years. Dolly, la pecora clonata, nacque nel luglio del 1995 e visse per sette anni.

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Planning on having some lamb. I haven& decided what kind yet or how to cook it. Toronto Greek BBQ style Korean BBQ style Chinese BBQ style I just don& know, yet. I will make a video of what you recommend and send over a personal thank you from me to you.