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Yin and Yang/ wallpaper / Samsung/ galaxy/ phone wallpaper /

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Good vibes and positive energy 🌻🌼🌽🌾🌿☀🌈


Tropical Yin and Yang

"We live by the sun; we feel by the moon." - (Tumblr)

Free Spirit ~ "We live by the sun; we feel by the moon.

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Lost in Reality : Photo

JingJang in hipster style

peace, hand, and black image

the drama ppl create & post on social media. if you have a prob say it to my face--- peaceeeee ✌🏼️

Bodhi Tree Art | art #bodhi #buddha #psychedelic #trippy #1k

Im thinking this is an awesome tattoo. Buddha, Ying Yang, Tree of life

But it seems to me to be an imperfection in things of beauty, and a weakness in man, if an explanation from the shallow-side has a destructive effect. The horror which we feel for Freudian interpretations is entirely due to our own barbaric or childish naivete, which believes that there can be heights without corresponding depths, and which blinds us to the really "final" truth that, when carried to extremes, opposites meet.-C.G Jung

Space and dark matter yin yang

Image from https://36.media.tumblr.com/11bed6fe3b19880d874449667b5a56b0/tumblr_ns9m7ipTVl1ux8naro1_500.jpg.

(moon and sun) Mehr

peace on the beach courtesy of o'neill surf ✌

sending peaceful healing to the ocean

Yin jang, clouds, black and white

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Good ass vibes

Be a proliferator of good-ass vibes, ’cause don’t nobody got time for all that other bull sh&t.

Connie Inspiration


elenamorelli: “ {it’s raining stars} ” “Aim for the moon.