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You should be studying -9gag

The Avengers: You should be studying. This is definitely motivation to study

that's just disturbing

Bella & Edward's relationship in the Twilight series meets all 15 criteria set by the National Domestic Violence Hotline for being in an abusive relationship. I'm always saying this to people who like twilight, their relationship is very unhealthy.

This part of the house bunny is my life

House Bunny :) pretty much how I feel about Russell Howard.

Oh, pawnstars...

Pawn Stars (“I’ve Got a Buddy Who’s an Expert in X”) is an image macro series based on History Channel’s reality TV series with the same name, which documen

Be entertained, touched and laugh with this collection of the best Little Rascals Quotes and Sayings. Have fun and laugh out loud like the little rascals.

25 Best Little Rascals Quotes of all Time

She's so sassy

"Sorry you couldn't come to the wedding. It was no kids." "It's okay. I'll come to your next one." "She means when she's not a kid anymore." "I don't like you." "I'll get over it." -Sal, Lily and Mitchell, Modern Family