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Saatchi Art Artist Jan-Hein Arens; Painting, “Me & my teeth” #art

Saatchi Art: Me & my teeth Painting by Jan-Hein Arens

Jesus Christ painted by Del Parsons.. I love this. You don't see many smiling pictures of Christ.

Jesus Christ painted by Del Parsons. I love this. You don't see many smiling pictures of Christ. And somehow I also think of him as one of the happiest guys I know can't wait to meet him :)

I want you to think of this, the next time I smile.

Some of the reason that when i do smile i don't show teeth. not because of that but because i want my smile to be known as dangerous. when they see me smiling with teeth.you better run.

Picasso.  Blue Period (1901-1904)

I have my period, just got my wisdom teeth pulled, have a sinus infection and my asthma is crazy. talk about a Blue Period .

@ penguin books # classic novel covers reimagined as tattoos

Classic Novel Covers Reimagined As Tattoos

White Teeth by Zadie Smith, designed by Brighton-based tattoo artist Lynn Akura Classic Book Covers Get Tattooed For Penguin Ink Project

Gerrit Dou Dentist by Candlelight If you are considering a dental practitioner click on the image to learn more.

Dentist by Candlelight - Gerrit Dou Start Date: Completion


Awesome the Origins Ape mixedmedia painting by French artist Patrice Murciano from Montpellier

This painting looks like a paused video

SO absolutely in LOVE with this! It must be an oil painting, the artist is brilliant! Paintings of paused VHS clips, by Andy Denzler

Tomma Abts - Teete - 2003

Tomma Abts (via Painting / Tomma Abts - Modern Abstraction - The Art History Archive)