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Hexagonal rocks-WUT: The columns form due to stress as the lava cools. The lava contracts as it cools, forming cracks. Once the crack develops it continues to grow. The growth is perpendicular to the surface of the flow. Entablature is probably the result of cooling caused by fresh lava being covered by water. The flood basalts probably damned rivers. When the rivers returned the water seeped down the cracks in the cooling lava and caused rapid cooling from the surface downward. The division…

❝ Litlanesfoss, Iceland ❞ ♥ Stunning Photography Wild Wonders of Europe Courtesy National Geographic At Litlanesfoss, the waterfall cross-sections an ancient lava flow, which formed columns as it cooled.

Tampaon river is a Natural Feature in Ciudad Valles. Plan your road trip to Tampaon river in Ciudad Valles with Roadtrippers.

эйфелева башня, париж, лето, листья, река

Paris is known as an outdoor museum for its beautiful architecture, elaborately decorated bridges and historical monuments.

The hero's journey is the therapie of life

The earth has music for those who listen - Beauty will save

Cape dissapointment, long beach washington.

North Head Lighthouse Cape Disappointment State Park Washington ❤ HD Desktop Wallpaper for Ultra HD TV

καλοκαιρινα τοπια - Αναζήτηση Google

The Cooks Islands in the South Pacific. This is Aitutaki Lagoon.my mum, sister & I went there! So beautiful

Rosamaria G Frangini | LILAC Desire |

purple fireworks beyond the San Francisco, California Golden Gate Bridge, lit up at night over the bay.

In the heart of Patagonia, on the reserve, called Torres del Paine in Chile, and there is a beautiful lake Pehoe, famous for its bright blue opaque waters throughout the world.

Torres del Paine National Park is a national park encompassing ancient forests, glaciers, lakes, rivers and fjords. Torres del Paine National Park was

[Official] Digital Rendering Thread - Artwork - Creativity - MTG Salvation Forums - MTG Salvation

In the tradition of the Digital Beware & the Cube Forum Make-A-Proxy threads, this thread is for posting digital renders of Magic cards, either existing .

Top 48 des photos vertigineuses de Skywalking, ou le jeu de la mort

Top 48 des photos vertigineuses de Skywalking, ou le jeu de la mort

The five scariest free-climbing videos

The Killers.

A night sky showing a full moon. The dark night and swirling clouds create a dramatic atmosphere. A night sky like this fully encapsulates Halloween.

"We're all just walking each other home" - Ram Dass  via Sun Gazing

Contemplating Hunger and Nature in the Jefferson National Forest