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need it...

Truths Sometimes you just need time away alone in a beautiful place to figure things out.

It's a damn shame that it still is in a lot of countries to this day

women in history virginia woolf quote

for those who are seriously impaired when parking

For those who can't park worth sh*t

Kewl Beans  from Sue Sykes... Great list!

Best things in the world:) I absolutely love this so so true list. It made me smile. I'm wondering if this is a girl thing list or does it span everyone?

The wind whispered

The wind is a lovely lonely lass with hair as golden as the sun she sighs through the streets when there is no more light to find the love that got away with the day

Live simply, dream big, be greatfull, give love, laugh lots

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Starting today, I will shine.

Vintage Inspired Wood Sign Life is Short Black by 13pumpkins

I love this! Typography Wall Art Life is Short Black Wood Sign Life is short. Break the rules. Forgive quickly. And never forget anything that made you smile.


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J'♡ surtout... la voleuse de bisous <3

J'♡ surtout.