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Portal if you could go to one place, one point in time, one memory, where would it take you ?

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Hotbeds are a mixture of manure, straw, poultry bedding... anything that will heat up as it decomposes. You can then grow tender vegetables like sweet peppers and French beans much earlier in the season without a heater.

Squidoo, a gift that is turning into a journey. Generous Samantha, a Giant Squid and family member walked me through the first days of "SquidooLand. Thank you Samantha. Changes have been abundant in the last few years for my family and me which lead my focus elsewhere. I'm glad to be back and certainly ready for a creative challenge. My interests are vast, my passions many,so it might take a while to share them with you. Art, Books, Movies, Nature, Kids, Education, and Squidoo are just a few…

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