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....— Увидимся вечером. — Вечером? — Да, я пришлю тебе инструкции. — А я сообщу, свободен ли вечером. — Свободен, я проверял.

theearlessone: jessamygriffith: never-tell-u-i-am-sherlocked: valeria2067: alsodinosaur: How to Get the Attention of a Hot Army Doctor By Sherlock Holmes Perfection! BTW: John’s method for getting attention is 1) Wear jeans, 2) Show up, 3) Be John H. Mothereffing Watson. John, you awesome thing Use science of seduction aaaand wink ;)

thescienceofjohnlock: that-sarah-is-such-a-cumberbitch: thescienceofjohnlock: its-an-ear-hat-john: you guys..look at how many notes it h...

John:"Her name's Mary." Mrs.Hudson:"Murray?" John:"...Mary." Mrs.Hudson:"Ah! Give my congrats for this Murray!" John:"......MARY! IT'S MARY!" Mrs.Hudson:"Oh dear,I think I should get my ears checked, John. I swear I can hear you saying Mary! Haha!"

'Ramblings' Summary of 'Sherlock' Nailed It

-Eso me hace especial? -No sé, quizás. -Estás celoso? -No somos pareja. -Si lo son. -Si alguien por ahí todavía le importa, no de verdad, no soy gay.

John should know by now that hanging round with Sherlock is an idiotic and life-threatening idea in itself.